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Review of DVD Triathlon Techniques in Action
By Josie Perry
This DVD could almost be made by Ronseal: it does what it says on the tin. Running through swimming, cycling, running and core work, Steve Trew uses age-group athletes to illustrate the techniques he believes are key for triathlon.

Triathlon Techniques in ActionKnowing where to aim a DVD like this must be difficult; complete beginners or experienced age-groupers? Trew seems to have gone for the middle ground: those who’ve done a few races and are now looking at how to improve. More experienced racers however would still pick up a few tips and renew some focus on some good technique sessions to try out.

In running through techniques for the swim, bike, run and core work it provides descriptions and uses athletes to show examples of each exercise. The athletes used seem to be real age-groupers with a range of abilities which is great, especially for the egos of the viewers. It would be helpful however in the bike and run sections to show a perfect example of every technique to highlight what to aim for. Footage of pros racing would have achieved this well, and shown each technique in action in a race.

The swim section does highlight excellent techniques and uses former swimmer, and now coach, Dan Bullock to illustrate this. Following this by filming a competent but not record breaking swimmer straight after, works well to highlight the difference between good and excellent.

There are a few cons though. Trew extensively talks about the importance of transitions and getting yours right. But he doesn’t show the options of setting up your transition to best effect. This could have been easily rectified by showing the different set ups used by the six athletes he was using to illustrate his techniques.

The footage used to illustrate and give colour to the DVD also felt very lazy. Triathlon is an exciting sport to watch and can be incredibly motivational. The five minutes of footage filmed seemed to have been dragged out to fill the backdrop of the 50 minutes, many times over. Showing the same guy cross the finish line in three different places on the DVD, when hundreds would have been racing the day they filmed lacked inspiration.

Finally, the DVD cries out for some extras; a laminated check list of kit for a race or a pull out of the core exercises would go down well. And ensure its longevity.

All-in-all though, for a triathlete with a few races under their number belt, ‘Triathlon Techniques in Action’ would give a useful overview of techniques and tips to use to step up to the next level.

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