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TriGirl - Triathlon Clothing for Women
By Jesamine Bartlett
TriGirl When I was first approached to do this review I was a little skeptical as I didn’t know a lot about the company with them being quite new and from my experience female kit has always been pretty much the same cut as men’s but smaller, with flowers on or Barbie pink! So I was pleasantly surprised when the ‘Laura’ crop top and matching ‘Betty’ tri shorts arrived and were a feminine but a tasteful cerise and plum colour. Their quality and detail was noticeably good and they gave a very pleasing first impression.

They looked great on also, particularly the shorts which had the usual sticky hem, but it is quite wide and has never left a circulation -cutting slice in my thighs! The paneling in both the top and shorts was very flattering, even on my thunder thighs and I love the integrated zip-up pouch hidden in back of the shorts. The shorts are cut high enough to ensure that you aren’t sitting on the pouch either!

My first proper test in this kit was a 3 day cycle tour around the peaks in the middle of summer, I wore the shorts every day, sometimes for up to 10 hours a day. Never did they rub nor ride up, and the chamois padding was very comfortable making it easy to get back in the saddle the next day even if my will-power didnt! The crop top acted more as a support bra under a tee (just in case the sun came out!) and the coolmax lining did the job well .

In competition (sprint distance) again the kit proved itself, drying quickly and keeping me cool in the heat (the sun DID come out on that day!!). The best way I could describe this kit on competition day was that I didn’t notice I was wearing it…which has got to be a good thing! Hopefully others did as I flew by in a plum and cerise blur!

I’ve been using this kit now for a couple of months, and the shorts especially get ridden in and washed a lot. Despite this both have maintained their great quality and colours, although the little trigirl logo on the shorts, which is a transfer, has started to peel a little but is barely noticeable. The possibly only down side to this kit is that it is a bit pricy at £28 for the top and £38 for the shorts, but I think its worth paying for a stylish ladies kit, that seems to want to last. And no sign of Barbie anywhere!!

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