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TriGirl - Triathlon Clothing for Women
By Emma Cook
TriGirlI find it hard getting a good tri/running top that is actually supportive as I’m of the slightly ‘curvier’ persuasion! This top with built in ‘power lycra’ support did do a measurable of the hard work but I still had to wear a sports bra when running or doing anything high impact, but from my experience tops with built in support that really do do all the work tend to be bulkier and make you hot and sweaty around the bust, at least this one has a Coolmax lining to its support. I liked that it has nice wide shoulder straps that don’t cut into you the same way spaghetti straps do, and offer that extra little bit of comfort.

I loved the little concealed zip that is hidden under some piping….its big enough not just for keys, but a mobile phone (albeit a smallish one) and cash, which I’ve never seen before. And the silicon hem really did stick to my shorts and tights, keeping my lower back warm on the bike, and muffin top free!

I wore this top on a run and got caught in a shower and was pleased that it didn’t get all clingy and soggy, but just damp and dried out nicely too. I wear it to the gym a lot for the same reasons, and because it looks good of course!

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